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LPG 0.71p per litre – No Brainer

Fitting an under-slung LPG vapour tank to your VW T5 seems a no-brainer to us. LPG being readily available on lots of  fuel station forecourts both in the UK and across Europe means you need never worry about running out.  On board level indicator shows you exactly how much is in the tank and if off for a long holiday just top it off and away you go.  No carrying extra bottles of cumbersome gas, no more problems with Butane freezing whilst you are trying to enjoy a winter break (LPG freezes at -42*C) – And more room inside for your gear……

VW T5 fitted with under-slung LPG vapour tank
VW T5 LPG vapour tank

The VW T5 shown here has no gas on-board at all.  The tank and heater are both located outside underneath, freeing up valuable space inside the vehicle

LPG gas filling point

The tank used on the VW T5 holds 12 litres or 6Kg of LPG. Cost to fill up is £8.52.  Yes that’s correct £8.52

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