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FOR SALE – VW T5.1 Show Van

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French Alps
French Alps

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Its an end of an era,  It is time for the Propex VW T5.1 to find a new home and make way for a new show van.  We have new products and new ideas from which a new platform to show them from is required.

So……we need to find a new loving home for this 2010 ’60’ plate VW T5.1 140BHP LWB van with super smooth DSG gearbox.  This van has covered only 26k miles and is in stunning condition due mainly to it being polished constantly and lovingly before attending the NEC and other exhibition venues around the country.  Sorry but the Y2 FAT number plate will be staying with us and the van returned to its original ’60’ number plate.

The van has been fully lined and insulated and fitted with a Bebb rock n’ roll crash tested bed that can be lifted out if required.  This bed is 3/4 width and lines up with a same height storage box that when the seat is pulled out into the bed position makes a full size double bed.  And very comfortable it is too.

Lined and Bebb bed
Lined and Bebb bed

A Sargent EC155 looks after the leisure 12v side and charges the 80Ah leisure battery fitted under the passenger captain seat when on mains hook up.   Dimmable led lights are fitted into the roof panels.

Of course it has a Propex Heater fitted !!!  the HS2000 is fitted under the floor in the drivers captain seat area and fed by the refillable 15 litre LPG tank fitted outside underneath between the back wheels, this also supplies the BBQ connection to the side.  An internal level gauge tells you when it might need topping up with super cheap LPG gas.

A brand new Kenwood DNX525DAB radio/Navigation/multimedia system with reversing camera has just been fitted and connects up to front speakers and Pioneer speakers in the rear.

A Whale Watermaster fill point is located on the side to take a submersible pump,  however the water system internally has been removed to allow the new owner to set up their preferred system.

The van has a new MOT and the CAM belt just changed.   All Propex Logo’s and decals have been removed.

A few other points to note;


Front Fog lights fitted

Roof bars and cross bars

Unmarked Borbet 18″ alloys

Energy tuning box boosting the 140BHP

Side bars

Towbar – unused

We think £20k is a very reasonable ask. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions or wish to come and view.

This will be advertised generally in the next few weeks but prefer to offer to our customers and friends first….

Van front view
Van front view
van back transporter
van back transporter
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LPG 0.71p per litre – No Brainer

Fitting an under-slung LPG vapour tank to your VW T5 seems a no-brainer to us. LPG being readily available on lots of  fuel station forecourts both in the UK and across Europe means you need never worry about running out.  On board level indicator shows you exactly how much is in the tank and if off for a long holiday just top it off and away you go.  No carrying extra bottles of cumbersome gas, no more problems with Butane freezing whilst you are trying to enjoy a winter break (LPG freezes at -42*C) – And more room inside for your gear……

VW T5 fitted with under-slung LPG vapour tank
VW T5 LPG vapour tank

The VW T5 shown here has no gas on-board at all.  The tank and heater are both located outside underneath, freeing up valuable space inside the vehicle

LPG gas filling point

The tank used on the VW T5 holds 12 litres or 6Kg of LPG. Cost to fill up is £8.52.  Yes that’s correct £8.52

Learn more about LPG Gas underslung vapour tanks.

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Workshop facilities

For anyone wanting to purchase any of our Propex, Whale,  or other products shown in the shop then we can now offer customers the opportunity to have them fitted by us in our own Workshop.

The workshop has been set up to cater for customers in the Ringwood, The New Forest and Hampshire or Dorset areas and we are able to work on Caravans,  Motor-homes or Horseboxes as required.  Our new 5.2 Tonne lift enables access to all parts of the vehicle and our trained personnel are qualified to carry out habitation, Gas and Electrical work as well as your annual service on all caravans.

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New Workshop facilities

Part of our cunning plan when moving the Business to Ringwood was to give us greater flexibility in the facilities we can offer our customers.   Throughout the period of manufacturing heaters in Southampton we often got asked if we could also fit them to customers vehicles, but unfortunately we did not have the space or facilities to be able to do this.

Now things have changed,  our partnership with Munster Simms in Ireland and the move to bigger premises has seen our business profile change where we can now be more customer focused and so  from April 2014 any customer wishing to have  a heater fitted to his or her vehicle can do so.  We have ‘in house’ a fully certified GAS SAFE engineer plus a Caravan Engineer with a list of qualifications as long as your arm.

We have started the process of becoming an NCC Approved Workshop to give us clearance to work on caravans for the major Caravan manufacturers, primarily to service and support the roll out of OEM fitted Whale space heating and water heating systems,  but will also be able to carry out serving and general repairs as required.

We have other plans that will be developed in this workshop and will be a major plus to the chilly VW van market.  So keep an eye on our blog.


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Whale Water Supply Products

We are pleased to announce that we now carry the range of Whale water supply products.

Whale have been developing and refining water supply products for caravans and motorhomes since the 1960s. Today they use that experience to provide reliable products that are simple to fit and easy to use and fitted by many of the manufacturers.

The Whale lightweight tap and shower range includes chromed brass faucets as well as compact and lightweight ABS models. The wide ranges means that you can fit high quality Whale product throughout your kitchen and bathroom.

We will be building and refining our stock profile over the next few months so should there be any Whale product that you require and it does not not appear on out site then please do not hesitate to  let us know and we will check its availability for you.

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One careful owner

Beaten but not broken

My customer says the heater does not work. What do you think the problem is?
~ Gord

Anger management training required?

Here is a Propex Heatsource heater that was installed in a Crane Cab in Canada. After a wet coat was draped over the heater outlet to dry, the unit stopped working, not a total surprise there! Rather than look for the problem the heater was unceremoniously beaten from its mounting with a club hammer and exited the cab through the window.

Beaten, but not broken

When it did make its way back to a Canadian service center the wires were reattached, a gap in the heat exchanger plugged and the overheat trip button was reset where she fired back into life.

So our suggestion is, if you meet a Canadian Crane driver in the street don’t look him in the eye, especially if he is wearing a wet coat.

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Welcome to Propex Leisure Accessories

Welcome to our new website. We have totally rebuilt our existing site to make it easier to find and buy our leisure accessories and Propex heater spare parts for your caravan, motorhome, RV, boat, yacht or VW camper.

We hope you like the changes we have made.

New Features

  • You can now review our products
  • Mobile friendly, responsive web design
  • You can now pay with PayPal
  • Larger product images and product image galleries
  • News section to inform customers of shows, new products and any special offers

We will soon be offering a whole new range of exciting new products for the caravan and motorhome industry. If you experience any difficulties using the new site please contact us to let us know.