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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We’ve created a frequently asked questions (FAQs) page providing customers with current information related to five topics. These frequently asked questions (FAQs) topics are: Air Heaters, Water Heaters, Gas Tanks, Repair Services and About Us. Designed to answer specific and ultimately frequently asked questions (FAQs) that customers may have about a certain area of our business and/or industry. We aim to grow and develop this page, creating a community environment for people with updated FAQ content available regularly. The FAQ-cards will also be available across our social media channels.

Air Heater FAQs

Air Heater FAQ 1

Question: Is your rotary twin-dial thermostat interchangeable with your digital thermostat?
Answer: Yes, both the twin-dial and digital thermostat are interchangeable. So, you can swap out one for the other, should you wish.
Air Heater FAQ 2
Question: Can the HS2000 be installed externally under VW T5/T6 vans?
Answer: Yes, the HS2000 can be installed externally to VW T5/T6 vans with special underfloor mounting brackets and the modified HS2000 heater.
*You cannot fit an external modified kit to a standard HS2000 heater.
Air Heater FAQ 3
Question: Do you sell marine-specific kits for your air heaters?
Answer: Yes, we sell marine-specific kits for our HS2000, HS2000e and HS2800 air heaters.
Air Heater FAQ 4
Question: How do I make my HS2000 air heater even quieter?
Answer: You can make your HS2000 even quieter by purchasing one of our HS2000 stealth kits. Available to purchase HERE.

Water Heater FAQs

Water Heater FAQ 1

Question: How do you reset the Malaga 5/5e water heater (April 2018 onwards)?
Answer: Lockouts are cleared by moving the burner switch from the ‘on’ position to the ‘off’ position and then back to the ‘on’ position. The sequence must be completed within 2.5 seconds.
Top Tip: Use both switches at the same time if the heater doesn’t reset after the first few attempts.
Water Heater FAQ 2 
Question: Do you sell replacement hot water outlets for the Malaga water heater?
Answer: Yes, we sell replacement hot water outlets (Malaga water hose connection – speed fit) which are available to purchase on our website or over the phone.
Water Heater FAQ 3 
Question: Can you retrofit the Malaga 5 complete flue kit to older Malaga water heater models?
Answer: Yes, you can retrofit the Malaga 5 complete flue kit to older Malaga models. However, you must purchase the complete flue kit, not just the flue cover.
Water Heater FAQ 4 

Question: What cleaning solution do you recommend to use when cleaning out a Malaga water heater?

Answer: The cleaning solution we recommend using is SCALE AWAY. Alternatively, periodically flush your entire system with Milton. This should help to break down any build-up of calcium in your Malaga water heater.

Gas Tank FAQs

Gas Tank FAQ 1

Question: Do your Gastore LPG Gas tanks meet the requirements for going through the Eurotunnel?
Answer: Yes, our tanks meet all the requirements of the Eurotunnel with many journeys undertaken without a hitch.
Gas Tank FAQ 2
Question: Why is it important to underseal/wax the LPG gas tank after installation?
Answer: As part of the installation, you’re required to underseal or wax the LPG gas tanks to prevent damage from stones and other road debris.
Gas Tank FAQ 3
Question: Why is LPG better to use all year round than butane?
Answer: Liquid Propane Gas (LPG) is the best gas to use all year round because propane vaporises at -42°c. As opposed to butane which vaporises at 3°c.
Gas Tank FAQ 4

Question: How often should you fill up your LPG gas tank?

Answer: You should always check the gas level gauge before filling up. When the level indicator is in the red zone, it’s recommended that you fill up your LPG tank.

Top Tip: Once the hose shuts off, please do not try and round up the pump figure, as this can damage the tank.

Repair Service FAQs

Repair Service FAQ 1

Question: How long does repair work to heaters sent in usually take?
Answer: Repair work generally takes up to 3-4 weeks. This may change depending on the current workload.
Repair Service FAQ 2
Question: What information and hardware need to be included when a heater is sent in for a repair?
Answer: The information we need is:
– Your full name – Your address
– A contact number – Plus, a note detailing the issue – The hardware we need is just the HEATER BODY.
Repair Service FAQ 3
Question: How much does it cost to have a heater repaired?
Answer: The cost for repair work varies depending on the condition of the heater. The standard price is £55 (Plus VAT).
*Additional costs may apply for parts if they are required.
Repair Service FAQ 4

Question: Could you please confirm the address needed for sending in heaters for a service or repair?

Answer: The address you will need for sending in heaters for a service or repair is B1 Platinum Jubilee Business Park, Hopclover Way, Ringwood BH24 3FW.

About Us FAQs

About Us FAQ 1

Question: What are your opening hours?
Answer: We are open from 08:30 till 17:00 Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays).
About Us FAQ 2
Question: Where can you find prices for products and place website orders?
Answer: You will need to visit our Propex leisure website to find our extensive product range, product prices and to place any website orders.
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