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Why LPG?

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Roam further ๐ŸŒ

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LPG Bottle

Fitting an LPG vapour tank underneath your vehicle seems a no-brainer. Why do you ask? LPG is readily available at many fuel stations in the UK and Europe. Eliminating the worry of where to fill up should you run low. All our gas tanks come with a helpful onboard level indicator which displays the exact amount in the tank. So you never have to wonder when you’re suddenly going to run out. LPG is significantly cheaper and greener compared to diesel and other fossil fuel options. Producing up to 120x fewer particulates than diesel alone. One last thing, gone are the days of Butane freezing whilst you enjoy a trip into the wilderness. LPG freezes at -42ยฐC.

More Space! ๐Ÿš€

VW T5/T6 15L LPG Tank
VW T5/T6 LPG vapour tank

We know that space is important for any trip, holiday, journey or adventure. We also understand that you can NEVER have enough space, especially when it’s shrunk down to no more than a few meters. That’s why all of our gas tanks are installed under the vehicle. Eliminating the need to carry cumbersome gas bottles and giving you more room inside. So now the wife can bring the extra wardrobe of clothes for a short trip awayโ€ฆ Happy wife and all that!

Our bespoke LPG tanks can be installed to a variety of different van models, with 3 tank sizes to suit big or small vehicles.

We Do Tanks! ๐ŸŽฝ

VW Transporter (T5/T6)

Popular by demand our T5/T6 LPG tanks come with a capacity of 15 litres! The perfect size to fit snug in front of the spare wheel at the rear of the vehicle. 

The tank used on the VW T6 holds 12 litres or 6Kg of LPG.

But what about the 4motion edition we hear you ask… well that’s a whole different ball game. The spare wheel has to be removed to enable space for the tank to fit, due to the usual spot being taken up by the differential.

VW Crafter (post-2018) – Man TGE

You’d most likely assume that a larger van must mean a larger tank, right? You’d be correct to assume this, as our Crafter/Man LPG tank comes with a 25-litre capacity. Interestingly, this tank is also located at the back of the vehicle in front of the spare wheel. 

Fiat Ducato – Citroen Relay – Peugeot Boxer – Vauxhall Movano

Another large van can mean only one thing… an equally large LPG tank. That’s why our tank capacity for these van models is also 25-litres. Giving you enough power to get you to the moon and back. Although we cannot advise or encourage you to try this for obvious reasons… These tanks are installed across the middle of the chassis.

Mercedes Sprinter – VW Crafter (Pre-2017)

Can you guess the tank capacity for this van? It’s…. 25 litres, who’d have thought it! Where we install this tank may also seem familiar, in the middle of the chassis. However, we position these tanks parallel with the driveshaft.

Ford Transit Custom

If big things aren’t your thing then we have just the tank for you! 10 litres in capacity may seem small and somewhat modest but it’s plenty big enough for any adventure. Short and stubby in appearance makes it ideal for the Ford Transit Custom chassis, allowing the tank to sit comfortably in front of the rear axle at the back of the vehicle. 

Ford Transit/Jumbo

By now you must be able to work out that large vans require large tanks. So, without further ado, the Transit tank capacity is 25-litres! Where it is installed is no surprise either, at the back in front of the spare wheel.

License To Grill… ๐Ÿ–

Sill Fill with BBQ
Sill Fill with BBQ Point

Our Gastore LPG Vapour tanks come with a choice of two different gas point connections:

Through-Body Gas Point

Theย through-body gas pointย goes through the body of the vehicle. Complimenting the design of the vehicle exterior and other attachments you may have installed on the side.

Sill BBQ Gas Point

Alternatively, we also sell a sill gas point with BBQ connector which attaches to the sill of the vehicle bumper and provides a fuel source for a gas (LPG) BBQ. Thanks to a clever BBQ fill point attached to the side of the main gas connector.

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