Whale 1.2kW Electrical Element (AK1224)

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The Whale 1.2kW (240V) water heater electrical element assembly (AK1224) is a spare electrical element used to heat the water in the tank of a Whale 13-litre water heater. A thermostat and blue rubberised gasket are also included.

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The Whale 1.2kW (240V) Electrical Element (AK1224) is a replacement electrical component that conducts electricity through metal coils which in turn produces heat for the Whale 13 Litre water heater. A thermostat is installed at the back of the element to measure the temperature inside the water tank and a blue silicone/rubber gasket and a bag of fixing screws are included for installation.

Used With

This Whale 1.2kW (240V) Electrical Element (AK1224) is used in the following Whale 13-litre Water Heater models:


OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers)

Examples of OEMs that fit Whale water heaters to their vehicles are:

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