Whale iVan IV1132 Controller (Zigbee)

£333.82 ex. VAT

Whale iVan IV1132 ControllerĀ (AK1301)Ā is a replacement Whale iVan control panel which operates Whale water andĀ space heaters Ā from one screen.

Please check the SKU label on the back of the iVan controller when replacing the unit to ensure new unit is the correct mode.

£400.58 inc. VAT


Whale iVan IV1132 Control Panel (AK1301) is a replacement Whale iVan control panel which operates both Whale water andĀ space heaters together from one convenient screen. The iVan control panel is regularly installed in caravans, motorhomes and van conversions connected to the heaters via a Zigbee wireless operating system.

OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers)

Examples of OEMs that factory-fitĀ Whale Expanse water heaters & Whale HeatAir space heatersĀ are:

  • Elddis Caravans & MotorhomesĀ 
  • Bailey ofĀ Bristol
  • Auto-Trail
  • Swift Group

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