Whale Service Kit Tiptoe Pump Mk 3-4

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This Whale service kit contains several replacement valves (seals) ย for manual freshwater pumps (Tiptoe Pumps MK 3-4) which is a true design classic and made by Whale’s highly skilled UK-based workforce since the 1960s.

This kit contains:

  • Spring (x1)
  • Gland U Packing (x1)
  • O Ring (x1)
  • Plunger Valve (x1)
  • Cup Washer (x1)
  • Plunger Valve Plate (x1)
  • Circlip (x1)
  • A Bottom Valve Washer (x1)
  • A Valve Retaining Washer (x1)

Whale Parts No: AK1304