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One careful owner

Beaten but not broken

My customer says the heater does not work. What do you think the problem is?
~ Gord

Anger management training required?

Here is a Propex Heatsource heater that was installed in a Crane Cab in Canada. After a wet coat was draped over the heater outlet to dry, the unit stopped working, not a total surprise there! Rather than look for the problem the heater was unceremoniously beaten from its mounting with a club hammer and exited the cab through the window.

Beaten, but not broken

When it did make its way back to a Canadian service center the wires were reattached, a gap in the heat exchanger plugged and the overheat trip button was reset where she fired back into life.

So our suggestion is, if you meet a Canadian Crane driver in the street don’t look him in the eye, especially if he is wearing a wet coat.