60mm Acoustic Ducting

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Flexible and strong acoustic  hot air ducting. For vehicle use and use with Heatsource 1600, HS1800 and HS2000 heaters.

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Acoustic Ducting

Technical hot air ducting suitable for use on 2kW heaters.  This ducting is designed to reduce any noise transmitted through the ducting from the heater as well as air noise associated with it moving through the ducting.

Acoustic ducting has a wide porosity rating of 50 –  500 Hz and so deadens a range of frequencies.  Test have shown that maximum effect will be gained when using 1 metre of ducting and this should be positioned any where within the ducting run between the heater and first outlet.

With an HS2000 heater fitted in a cabinet inside an ’empty’ VW T5 van the following results were recorded.  The Sound level meter is positioned 200mm directly above hot air outlet

Ambient noise level 41.5 dB

Sound with 1 metre Caraflex 65dB

Sound level with 1 metre Acoustic Ducting 55.5 dB

Level with acoustic ducting
Level with acoustic ducting


This test was carried out with no ducting fitted to the air return side of the heater.  A short length fitted to the air return on the heater will also have a positive effect on reducing air noise.

Ducting should be used in applications where bend radii less than 10cm are not required.   Ducting has a working temperature of -40*C to +120*C and has a flammability  rating of type E (FMVSS302)

For use with our Heatsource 1600, HS1800 or HS2000, HS2000E, and all underfloor heaters, also suitable for use on Whale blown air heaters and Truma heaters where it is more commonly described as 65mm ducting,  this is the outside diameter of the ducting and the 60mm refers to the inside diameter.

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