Fixed Vent

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Fixed vents for use with 60mm internal diameter ducting.

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A range of fixed vents for use with 60mm i/d hot air ducting. Designed to be fitted to maximum 20mm thick cabinetry using the straight, Y or T piece connectors.  A lower profile vent than our standard range and so designed primarily to fit Caravan kick boards.  when used with the T connectors ideal for making a neat run of ducted vents, can be used in conjunction with open close vents.  Every system should contain at least one permanently open vent and ideally be the one closest to the heater.   Should be purchased in conjunction with a mating, Tee piece,  Y piece or straight connector.

SKU: DX6516B (Beige), DX6526B (White), DX6536B (Black)

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White, Beige, Black

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