Low current solenoid driver (Ultra Low Current Device)

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Gastore LPG tank low current solenoid driver

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For customers wishing to use an integrated smart control panel in their van conversion to control the electronic solenoid on their Gastore LPG tank,  and so do away with the dedicated controller supplied with the kit,  then this device will allow you to do so whilst still saving your battery power.   The lead from the level gauge that uses a 0 – 90 ohms resistance range can be connected direct to one of the tank inputs whilst the controller, through the ‘low current solenoid driver’, can be fitted either to a relay connection or a dedicated switch next to your display.

The control will allow the LPG tank solenoid to be hit with 12v at 11W to energise it but then drop back to approximately 80mA to keep it open.

Works with Victron Cerbo GX , SavvyVan panel, Simarine PICO  etc…etc.

Gastore ULCD ( Ultra Low Current Device ) is an Electronic Control Unit used to operate an electric remote solenoid service valve as fitted in our Gastore vapour tank kits.

The ULCD solves the problem of draining the vehicles battery when an electric outlet valve is fitted to an LPG tank because without our ULCD the electric solenoid valve will draw approximately 1 amp current   Our ULCD works by reducing the Current / Voltage to hold the valve open and thus increases the time significantly before your battery will need to be recharged.

To operate this ULCD  you need to supply a 12v + dc trigger from either a control panel output or via a separate 12v dc switch.

 Significantly reduces the current to the gas tanks electric outlet valve and thus increase vehicle battery life. ( From 1.2 amp opening operational sequence to approximatly 0.08 amp holding open sequence of the gas tank solenoid )

Easy install – Just sits in line with your feed to the solenoid.

Proven technology with many years worth of sales

No reason why it wont work with other tank suppliers solenoids that draw approx 11W.. but not tested.