Antisurge fuse – TR5

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Electronic boards protected by an AntiSurge fuse

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Control board fuse

The range of Propex and Whale Control board share a common PCB.  These Electronic boards are protected by an AntiSurge fuse.  If this fuse has blown your heater will be lifeless and a blown fuse often can often be diagnosed where an air heater will not ‘pulse the motor’ when power is first applied.   Even if the fuse has blown a voltage of approx. 1.2 volts may still be available at the thermostat.  The fuse position is marked F1 on the board.

Before replacing the fuse the reason for the original blowing should be investigated,  plugging the thermostat in when power is on the board can be the cause or a short circuit on any of the thermostat wires.