22mm APK air intake Ducting c/w endcap

£4.75£9.50 ex. VAT

A strong flexible marine grade air ducting for HS2000, HS2211, HS2212 & HS4312.

From: £5.70 inc. VAT



A strong flexible air ducting constructed from board and aluminium with a resiliant plastic coating 1 metre in length as used on the HS2000 and HS2211 as combustion air intake ducting.  The end is finished with a cap to remove sharp edges and ensure compliance with EN624 when used as combustion inlet pipe on a gas heater.

When used on the current Heatsource range of Propex heaters as combustion inlet the length should not be reduced below 1 metre to maintain the heaters balanced flue.

  • ID: 22mm
  • Price per metre
  • Marine Grade

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