HeatAir 4G

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The Lightweight, powerful, space creating, gas heating solution for the van conversion market

  • Suitable for caravans, motorhomes and van conversions
  • Compact, space saving heating solution with narrow rotatable design
  • Installed underfloor, maximising valuable living space and storage space
  • Enjoy the great outdoors all year round with total comfort day and night
  • Easy to use, intuitive controls

Less Weight – Compact and lightweight design

More space – Increased storage space, full length wardrobes and longer beds

Design Freedom – Customisable installation creating a blank canvas for layout design

  • Fast Heat up and fully automatic output modulation for enhanced user comfort
  • A quiet night time operation setting for when you need it most
  • Extend your season to all year
  • Even and well maintained heat distribution
  • Easy intuitive controls


The HeatAir 4G fully modulating LPG blown-air heater gives an impressive 4kW of heat output – but only when you need it. If you require a low output to maintain an already comfortable temperature then the HeatAir automatically detects what is needed and adjusts its output to suit. The inbuilt software detects what’s required to heat your living space to the desired temperature, and the heater will only select the most appropriate heat output and airflow to achieve this whilst maintaining maximum user comfort.

A V2 Kit Includes

Description                                                                           Quantity
4G HeatAir Gas UF Set  inc mounting brackets      1.00
HeatAir 4G User Interface (Thermostat)                    1.00
90mm APK Ducting                                                            1.75Metre
4G Extension Loom with Plug                                        1.00
HeatAir Flue Terminal                                                       1.00
25mm Silencer Air In Flue                                               1.00
HeatAir Flue .25m Flue                                                     1.00
24mm S/S Exhaust                                                             1 Metre
Directional Vent 90mm                                                    1.00
60mm APK Ducting                                                            3 Metre
Duct Fitting 65mm Straight                                            2.00
Duct Vent Fixed 65mm Black                                         2.00
Air Duct Y 90x90x90                                                            1.00
Air Duct Reducer 90×65                                                    2.00
46 – 70 Jubilee Clips for ducting                                   2.00
71 – 95mm Jubilee Clips                                                  4.00
14 – 32 Jubilee Clips                                                          1.00

A V3 kit will be as above plus an additional Y Branch, Hot air outlet and 1 metre of 60mm ducting

A V4 kit as per above plus 2 additional Y branches,  2 hot air outlets and 2 metres of 60mm ducting.

*  NOTE: All Whale Space Heaters must be installed and serviced by a fully qualified gas engineer in accordance with the appropriate installation instructions.

* NOTE: All Whale heaters are not suitable for marine application.

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