HS2000 blown air heater C/W Digital thermostat

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The HS2000 heater is an automatic thermostatically controlled blown air heating systems fuelled by propane or butane gas. Heatsource is designed for a variety of automotive and marine applications as a source of heat totally independent of the engine fuelled from either butane or Propane gas. You can read the full technical details of the HS2000 Blown Air Heater here as well as the complete range of Blown Air Heaters.

With forced air combustion and the Propex two stage stainless steel heat-exchanger, the HS2000 is a clean and highly efficient way to heat your vehicle.  Combustion air is taken from outside and passed into the combustion chamber having been mixed with gas during its three aeration stages, this is ignited automatically and heats up the large surface area of the heat-exchanger.  Heatsource units are totally room sealed and exhaust all products of combustion externally through its stainless steels flue pipe. To add to the efficiency, room air is normally re-circulated in preference to using cold air from outside. The HS series heaters are also very efficient on electrical current consumption using high quality motor/fan combination and innovative current reducing electronics.

The kit includes the digital thermostat in place of the rotary dial style one.   Digital selection of the required temperature allows precise setting to within a degree Centigrade within the 0 – 30C range.   Its design allows it to accept standard CBE frames,  so providing the ability to select from a wide range of readily available colours and styles to suit the interior of the vehicle. When connected to a gas only heater the thermostat offers the additional feature of a  1 – 16 hour countdown timer, selectable in one hour increments

Select the relevant kit to suit your application.  Each kit should contain enough parts to carry out an installation up to the connection to a 8mm or 5/16th gas pipe.


A single outlet vehicle kit (V1) contains

  • 1 x 1 metre 60mm ducting
  • 1 x 1 metre combustion inlet pipe
  • 1 x 0.75 meter Stainless Steel Exhaust pipe
  • 1 x Digital Thermostat
  • 3.5 metres thermostat wiring harness
  • 3.5 metres 12v supply harness
  • 1 directional hot air outlet
  • 1 directional cool air return vent
  • hose clips, fasteners, screws, inline fuse, instructions, drilling template

A twin outlet vehicle fitting kit (V2) contains:

  • As a V1 kit with the addition of
  • 1 x open/close vent
  • 1 x Y branch
  • Extra metre of 60mm hot air ducting
  • Extra hose clips, fasteners and screws

A three outlet vehicle fitting kit (V3) contains:

  • As V1 + V2
  • An additional Y branch
  • An additional open/close vent
  • An extra metre of 60mm ducting – so 3 metres in total
  • Extra hose clips, fasteners and screws as required.
  • All installations should be carried out by a competent person and in accordance with BS EN 1949:2002

Additional information

Weight9 kg
Dimensions48 × 22 × 28 mm
Fitting kits

V1, V2, V3, M1, M2, M3